Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad Girls Club Shameful Exploitation

I get it.  These girls sign up for this show called Bad Girls Club they weren't forced on the show.  But I think any decent person would agree that the girls on this show have some serious emotional problems.  I watched the mayhem this season and Part 1 of the reunion last night.  Not one of these girls seem to have learned their lesson.  They are still angry, bitter and negative.  They are all about knocking the next person down to make themselves feel better.  I can't understand why a show like this is so popular when its blatant exploitation of woman who are unhappy and trying to make themselves feel better.  I must admit I watched myself but it was more out of shock for what I was seeing.  After watching this show its hard not to get sucked into the negativity.  Its not at all a feel good show.  My mood was dampened.  While there are some humorous moments that I laughed at I would suspect out of nervousness and shock, they really needed to brighten it up a little more.  In fact as far as I am concerned I will try my best not to watch another season unless something is changed.  Why can't they do something to help these women?  Even if its a very small part of the end of the reunion.  Have them speak to someone about their issues.  The network is making plenty of money off of women who don't know any better and want love and attention.  I'm I the only one who sees something wrong with that?

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