Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diet Soda Drinkers Beware!

I was surprized the other day after reading various articles that suggested that drinking diet drinks can actually make you fatter. How ironic is that! You drink diet to avoid gaining weight, but too much can have the opposite effect.  Although the information was online and easy to find, I had to actually go look for it. Of all the articles I had read lately that help people lose weight that topic never came up. That really made me want to tell other people or make it a bigger deal than it currently is. I am not sure exactly how it works but for some reason studies show that large consumptions of diet soda, in other words drinking it when your thirsty like water because it has no calories or sugar, had a direct effect on the subjects appetites.  It made them hungrier and thus they ate more and gained weight. I was especially interested because I love the taste of regular non-diet soda. Turns out not only does it taste better but in the long haul its better in moderation than diet.

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